Gift Giving

Gift Giving Image

No matter the occasion, gift giving is a wonderful way to show you care, but it can be a bit stressful. What should I get for my friends and family? What should I say when they ask what I would like? If you’re a natural gifter, no need to keep reading. Otherwise, check out our tips for the best presents to give (and receive!) for those with low vision – they might surprise you!

The Experience

One of the best gifts you can give a loved one is the chance to spend time together. Sure, you can go traditional and pick a favorite restaurant for a quiet dinner. Or, think outside the box! There are plenty of experiential things you can do with a focus on the senses. Search online for local tasting classes – whether you prefer wine and cheese, beer, or something else entirely, it’s sure to be a memorable experience. If you’d rather express your artistic sensibilities, try pottery! You can create almost anything you can think of, and it all has to do with how the clay feels in your hands. Go wild and build textures for an interesting piece that will serve as a wonderful memory of the experience for years to come.

The Object

If you’d prefer to give something a bit more concrete to the person in your life with low vision, consider audio books or a collection of your loved one’s favorite music! You could also pick up an MP3 player to load them all on if you’re feeling especially generous. These gifts play to your recipient’s sense of hearing and can keep anyone entertained for hours – all you need is a pair of headphones to be transported to a different world, no eye strain necessary!

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