Holiday Gifts for Your Loved One with Low Vision

Some gifts you can guess without even opening like that annual itchy sweater from your aunt or the hard-as-a-rock fruitcake courtesy of grandma.

Holiday Gifts for Your Loved One with Low Vision Image

Fortunately there’s more to holiday giving than these tried-and-true items that everyone loves to hate—especially for people living with low vision.

Thanks to the Internet, shopping couldn’t be simpler. Google “low vision gifts” or a similar variation and a number of resources will appear. Thinking about the gift recipient and his or her hobbies and preferences can also help in deciding the perfect gift.

For the cooking enthusiast:

They may prefer gifts that can make life in the kitchen easier. Special measuring cups and spoons, graters and vegetable peelers are just a few of the gizmos out there that can make whipping up a meal faster and safer. Other options include special gloves designed for getting hot pans in and out of the oven and to wear while using a sharp knife to prevent cuts. Someone has even invented a special cup that makes noise when the liquid reaches a certain height to prevent overflows—perfect for a coffee lover when paired with a bag of beans.

For the game player:

From special Braille overlays to stick to Scrabble tiles to a carefully designed chess board with easy-to-identify pieces there’s no reason not to enjoy these classics. Dominos, dice and playing cards also come in Braille so that everyone can join in on the fun. Athletic recipients might appreciate a variety of balls that come with bells or beeps to track them including soccer balls, basketballs and volleyballs.

Fans of writing and organisation might like special bold lined paper and a variety of pens that offer strong contrast or direct light while writing. A large print or voice-activated calendar can be another great gift.

Finally, who doesn’t have that electronics lover on their shopping list? Whether it’s a universal remote with buttons that are easier to see, a voice-activated telephone dialer or portable electronic magnifier there’s plenty to please in the gadget realm. And that’s before we get to the talking banknote identifier that can tell what paper bill someone is holding or the speaking color scanner that can identify the color of surfaces ranging from paper and cloth to wood and plastic.

There’s no doubt many people see holiday shopping as a chore but it can be a great opportunity to get someone you care about something they’ll enjoy.