Keeping an Eye on the Grandkids: Coming to the Rescue when School’s Out for Summer

The weather is warm, the days are long and school’s out. It’s summer, and for children, it’s a time of discovery, of adventure and freedom.

Keeping an Eye on the Grandkids: Coming to the Rescue when School’s Out for Summer Image

For a few weeks, the world belongs to them, and with so much potential and so few rules to get in the way, it’s the highlight of their year.

Their mothers and fathers, however, might not be so enthusiastic.

Working parents struggle with finding ways to keep their kids busy, and when they don’t have all-important activities scheduled, they struggle with finding ways to keep them under control. This is where you Grandparents come in – lucky you, right?

Grandparents can all at once become a super hero to busy parents, a savior at the last minute, and the patron saint of thank-goodness-you’re-here-I’ll-pick-them-up-at-six – essentially, the last chance to alleviate some of the stress of a school-free season. And while most of you (or we hope all of you!) love your grandkids and the extra time together, it can be challenging to care for children who are bursting with energy and seemingly unstoppable momentum when you’re hampered by vision problems!

Watching over kids when the act of watching itself is difficult is actually still much the same as it is for everyone else: it all comes down to planning. Much the same way that expectant parents go to lengths to childproof their homes, it’s a good idea to do the same for older children when supervision is more of an effort. The safer your home is before they arrive, the less vigilant you’ll need to be.

For that matter, the same suggestions for parents with sight challenges also apply to caregivers with low vision.

It can be very helpful to be upfront with the kiddos. Tell them that some people cannot see as well as others and help them understand what that means. For older children, you might want to show them the Sight Experience so you can help them better understand what life with vision challenges is truly like.

Above all else, though, it’s about your comfort. Do what you think you can do, and treat your wards to the adventures you want them to experience. It’s a magical time, and by joining them in it, you can relive your own summer magic. Plan supervised trips, visit the park and enjoy the energy they bring you. You might just find that after a while, grandma and grandpa really do feel like super heroes – not just in the eyes of their parents, but also in the eyes of the little ones themselves.