ViaOpta Apps Launched for Apple Watch and other Smart Watches

ViaOpta Apps Launched for Apple Watch and other Smart Watches Image

Are you a fan of the ViaOpta apps? Good news! We’re launching new exciting features of these apps including the extension for use of ViaOpta Nav with smart watches including the Apple Watch and Android Wear™.

A hands-free complement to your Android or iPhone, ViaOpta Nav for Apple Watch and Android Wear give you access to some of the ViaOpta features you love in a way that seamlessly fits into your existing routine.

Problems navigating the pharmacy to get your prescriptions refilled? Trouble finding a new bus stop? Meeting an old friend at a neighborhood restaurant? With a gentle tap of the wrist and a voice command you can get turn-by-turn directions from the ViaOpta Nav app on your Apple Watch.

“With the help of ViaOpta apps, people with impaired vision can do things such as walk to a nearby café, go to the pharmacy, and pick up their grandchildren at kindergarten – helping to increase confidence and independence and maintaining discretion,” explains Ian Banks, Chair, The European Forum Against Blindness.

Some of our favorite capabilities of the ViaOpta apps include:

ViaOpta Nav

• Navigation: Use a voice command on your Apple Watch to enable audio turn-by-turn assistance.

• Position Locator: Tap the position locator icon on your smartphone and you can share your location with family or friends or save it to your favorites.

• Favorites: identify a location as a ‘favorite’ to quickly access directions to places you visit frequently, such as home or work

ViaOpta Daily

• Color Recognizer: When you are getting dressed hold up your smartphone camera in your closet, and the app can help you identify the colors of the clothing.

• Currency Recognizer: Use the app to identify denominations of dollar and euro bills through your phone’s camera.

• Currently available in more than 10 different languages

If you’re new to ViaOptaDaily and ViaOpta Nav, read on to learn more about how these incredible applications are improving daily life for the visually impaired.

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