Online Shopping for Your Eyes: A Guide to Safe and Successful Purchasing

Are you an online shopper? Looks like you’re by no means alone. Online sales in 2014 are already up 15% over last year…and it’s only April!

Online Shopping for Your Eyes: A Guide to Safe and Successful Purchasing Image

With the expansion of online shopping, it’s likely that you have tested the waters and purchased personal items from an online retailer. And why not, right? Online shopping allows you the flexibility to shop at your leisure…from the comfort of your living room…with the ability to compare prices from hundreds of retailers and get the best deal you can.

So how can the online shopping revolution help to make not just your shopping habit easier and less expensive, but also your vision care? Shopping for eye health items like vitamins and eye drops can be a task that online shopping can take off your to-do list using some simple tips and tricks.

How do you stay safe?

We’ve all heard the horror stories, but as long as you take some basic precautions, shopping online can be a safe and enjoyable experience.

Make sure you use a secure website to enter your debit or credit card information. Look for a gold padlock symbol in the bottom right of the browser window, or make sure the website address begins with 'https://' -- the 's' stands for secure! Neither is a complete security guarantee, but worth being aware of and sticking with retailers showing one or both of these security signs.

You should always pay by credit card during online transactions, as opposed to debit, where possible. The protection offered by credit card providers will add an extra layer of protection for your purchase.

Be sure to always print out an order confirmation and make sure that you check the delivery times and prices. Keeping records of online purchases will protect you should you need to dispute charges.

Online Shopping Tools

Using subscription online shopping tools allows you to select products that you like and regularly use, and schedule regular deliveries with minimal planning. By scheduling, say monthly, deliveries of products like vitamins and eye drops, you will ensure you have the supplies you need to maintain your health and not worry about running out.

Services such as Amazon Subscribe and Save make it easy to find the products you need and set up a regular delivery schedule.

So join the online shopping movement and use all that it has to offer to make your eye health management simple and stress free. You may never look back!